No nip slip for Karylle

First it’s Anne Curtis. Now, it’s Karylle.

Seems it wasn’t only Anne who figured in a wardrobe malfunction incident during the “ASAP XV” Boracay taping a month ago. Now, netizens are feasting on another controversial photo this time involving Karylle.

The photo that surfaced in cyberspace captured the singer whose bra top appears to have slipped. She was doing a production number in the shot with Yeng Constantino and Vina Morales. The photo surfaced in another entertainment website on April 8.

“TV Patrol” segment host Marie Lozano says it wasn’t a nip slip but a wardrobe malfunction.

“Two reliable sources tell me Karylle was wearing a nipple tape during her wardrobe malfunction in ASAP XV in Boracay. Nothing to see guys!” Lozano first tweeted April 8.

Then, hours later, she posted another tweet message assuring everyone that it wasn’t what it appears to be.

“There was a wardrobe malfunction but not much was exposed coz karylle was wearing a nipple tape. Techically, no nip slip!”

In the same “ASAP XV” taped episode, Anne’s bra top slipped which caused her left boob to be exposed. Her “Babe I Love You” leading man Sam Milby was quick to cover her from behind. The taping was halted as Anne was crying profusely after the incident.

People in the production pleaded to the audience to erase any photo or video which captured Anne’s nip slip. Some followed but others didn’t.

A few days later, Anne’s nip slip videos and photos made it to cyberspace. Alarmed, Anne’s management Viva Artist Agency through its head Veronique del Rosario-Corpus issued a statement pleading the public to stop posting pictures and videos of their talent in that uncompromising situation.

A lot of Anne’s fans posted messages of support for the actress in their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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